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Originally Posted by danielks View Post
I don't think that can battery or sparks... the bike has only 5800km.... here we are in the summer... 30C happens often...
It happens only with cold engine.... after less then 2 minutes after starting it happens no more....

Even if I walkaround gently.... the engine seems to stops.

The idle does not pop pop or fail.... it runs normal, but suddenly stops. looks like you press the kill switch.

I've not noticed that it gots worse on colder times... and as I said, when the engine is hot, it stops...

Will try to reset TPS and see....

If nothing happens, will desinstall the booster plug...
My XCHallenge would do that to me in Baja for some reason. I get back into the USA and put gas in it and it fires up and doesn't stall when cold.
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