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One thing I'll say, though, and this includes the $40,000 guy, is that the guys who try it and hate it are also the guys who did not do a steering mod. A rig without a steering mod can be driven OK, but nobody would call it fun. And no rig without a steering mod kicks ass. If you want the rig to kick ass you got to get right the steering, suspension, and setup.

The Bokad of steering mods.

If you weren't in the states I'd be tempted to let you ride my harley outfit just to get you to shut the fuck up about shit you don't fully understand yet.

Set up , connection points and HOW and WHERE they transfer the weight onto the bike. Wheel lead , track , suspension fulcrum point locations ( take a look at Jay's basic frame - enduro ? and note where the swing arm pivots from - the very rear , thus throwing every last bit of weight onto the steering ) , wheelbase of the bike ... all this plays a critical part of whether the steering is within 90 - 95% of using a trail reduction.

Get a length of heavy steel or a large log ... place a scale at the very ends and see what each one displays ... now move only one towards the center ... keep moving it until you reach the very center ... big difference. The weight of the steel/log hasn't changed but what the scale sees has altered dramatically ... just like the steering on an outfit.


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