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Originally Posted by GlennR View Post
I'm still learning to use my Spot 2.

I'm trying to use it to track my route in the woods, but I didn't pay for tracking. How often can I press the "Ok" button to mark my progress? It seems to flash for quite a while after I press it, and I can't wait 5-10 minutes each time I want to mark a location. I think I pressed it again, while it was flashing, and it made and second marker. Can it do that?
I think it takes at least 15 or 20 minutes before you're clear to send another OK message. If you turn the unit off to stop an OK in progress, you might abort that signal. If you pressed again before it finished sending the first message, it will ignore you.

If tracking's that important to you, maybe you should buy it?

Edit: just checked the manual. The message cycle is 20 minutes.

"Leave the SPOT outdoors. The GPS indicator light blinks green as SPOT acquires a GPS fix. Once SPOT aquires your GPS location, the Message Sending light and GPS light will blink green in unison for ~15 seconds to notify you that your message is being transmitted with GPS location. The Message Sending light will continue to blink green over the remainder of the 20 minute message cycle and for one (1) hour after the end of the message cycle (this is to provide you with additional time to check if your most recent message was transmitted). The Check-In/OK function light will turn off once the message cycle is complete."
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