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Dakar Rally race report- Johnny Campbell:
Stages 4-6
Stage 4:
Special 290Kms
Liaison 429kms
Total stage 719Kms
Well Howdy everyone! Sorry I have been out of touch the last 3 days as text
service and email is poor in these parts. I hardly remember one stage to
the next as we are burning up calories and the miles like crazy.

Stage 4:
All I really remember from stage 4 is that we had silt-dunes and beach and
it was a long ass ride. We did have an amazing dune section that dropped of
a sand mountain about 3000' to a rocky wash. It was possibly the gnarliest
thing I have ever experienced next to jumping down the Iquique Dune with
Robby G. At the bottom was rocks and I stopped to help a downed rider. He
was fine but didn't remember me picking him up at the end of the stage!
I had a good get off as well toward the end of that stage, bruising my ribs
but thanks to my awesome Fly Racing chest protector I didn't break
anything. I think I finished like 38th or something disappointing like
that. But I had an amazing time riding incredible terrain. The 400 plus
liaison was long and tiring and scary too! We ran along the Pacific Ocean
with a 1000' drop for miles.

Stage 5:
Hmmm let's see.... Oh yeah we started late and had a short stage from
Arequipa to finally crossing the border to Arica, Chile. Thankfully we had
a late 8am start and a short 136K stage followed by a 275K liaison. This
stage I actually started to feel more like my old self, with some more Baja
style terrain. Posted my best finish to date , 25th for the day.

Stage 6:
Today, went from Arica to Calama. It started with a very early 5am start on
a 400Km liaison- that's 4 hours of Highway riding just to get to the start
line! Yikes! The special was broken into to tests with a another 100km
liaison between. The first part was dunes more dunes and finished with a
fun fast twisty road with berms on the sides. I chased dust seemed like the
whole time, just praying for the wind to be in my favor. The second 110k
portion started with a fast silt run that I could careless if I ever ride
that area again. The last half was really fun, catching an passing riders
an having good solid racing, to finish up at 10,000' elevation. I felt a
little winded up there since we started at sea level that morning.
Finished 24th today. Tomorrow we start a 500 mile stage over the Andes at
15,000' elevation. Heard there is some cold stuff up there.
My Team has been amazing from management down to the Pirelli tire mafia.
They have worked sleepless nights preparing the bikes and I can't thank
them enough.
Love you all,
Adios for now.
Unintentional psychokinesis.
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