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That pairing makes me drool. :3

I wanted to build my outfit with a mid-range XS (I was looking for a 650, but I'd have taken a 400 too), but the CB400T was what turned up in the beer-money basket-case range.

It appears to me that the XS400 has a full-cradle frame and the exhaust is high enough to not interfere with the lower mounts, so I have a sneaking suspicion that the Velorex U-clamps could probably be used at all 4 points. Though I'd probably put a little weld or strong epoxy on the lower ones after getting everything lined up, to keep them from twisting.

My biggest worry would be the rear lower mount getting in the way of the kicker, though, unless it was scooted forward a little too much.

I personally don't think the Velorex is heavy enough to really need a subframe for strength. I have one of my lower mounts bolted into a crappy pot-metal bracket that holds the footpeg and exhaust, and it's been just fine, even with all three wheels off the ground a time or three and some not entirely nontrivial off-roading. :3

Edit: Make sure to post a build thread. ;3

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