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Originally Posted by Emmbeedee View Post

If tracking's that important to you, maybe you should buy it?

Thanks for the info. I don't know how I managed to get 2 markers so close to each other.

I'd rather buy a GPS that tracks than pay for the Spot tracking. I'm just playing around with the Spot since I haven't bought a GPS yet. I think Spot tracking would be great if I was travelling and family/friends could track my progress, but I'm not travelling or going anywhere that would be interesting to anybody else. I'm just trying to figure out a maze of new & old logging trails that are in the 7500 acres of mountain forest where I ride & explore.

I've been researching GPS models and have decided on an Oregon 450 that's $200 refurbished from Garmin, but haven't been able to justify it quite yet. I'm still not quite convinced that I'll use it a lot, and I'm also having fun exploring "the hard way". It's sort of like a puzzle, and after it's solved the exploring part of the woods is over...So, in that sense I'm not really in a hurry. If I was surrounded by vast open spaces to explore in all directions, I know I would find the GPS a very useful & valuable tool.

I bought the Spot because I like to ride & explore alone, and even though it's only 15 minutes from home, there is plenty of potential for an emergency. Snakes, bears, & broken legs & such.
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