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If I can find a good head on ebay for a decent price, I might just spring for the 685 kit. Everyone here is slowly convincing me of it! It would be a huge bummer to reassemble the bike and find out it's burning a ton of oil from trashed rings. If I can't find a likely culprit of the oil consumption, I'll probably have to get the 685 kit to more assuredly cover some of my bases.

Beezer, good point on the radiator bolts. I noticed that the wrong length bolt could damage the radiator and fins if reassembled correctly. Always good to remember!

It seems like the general consensus seems to be that calling Eagle Mike is a good idea. I'll try to get ahold of him tomorrow and explain my situation.

Here's the head I'm currently looking at. Price seems reasonable. I asked the seller if it includes the cam caps, and they said it does indeed.


If I snag the head, I'll still need to get some cams. Some people have mentioned going with hotter cams. I think if I got the 685 kit and the hot cams, I'd definitely need to rejet. I'm trying to keep the variables to a minimum on this rebuild, and to be honest, I'm pretty inexperienced at jetting. I'm used to laptops, ECUs, and wideband O2 sensors…

Again, thanks for all the help and suggestions from everyone.
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