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Dreamed of him last night

Flud on my back

In 2009 Flud could not walk any more during our hike. I had to carry him 2 miles including through the brush and over the ridge in the picture. As soon as we got back from our camp trip I saw the vet who diagnosed hip displaysha. This was my best friend and he lived through july of 2011.
He finaly could not get up any more.

I dreamt of him last night. That I had to carry him up an 8 foot make shift 2X4 construction latice type structure to the 2nd story of an appartment complex's walk way. But then down the hall there was a rickety 2X4 ladder that was scabbed together with multipal boards. This was 35 foot in length straight down and I could not accomplish the first steps while carrying the dog. The dream ended there but I awoke then too. This guy is with me even though we have a replacement.

Flex the replacement

As a replacement he has been invaluable, he gives more love to you than you can give back to him. He's just a year and a half. It's not easy but you get better.

I have yet to be able to look at the Flud's photo/video archive to create a fairwell movie without busting up a bit. So I have not made the creation...It's still too sad.
too many...
I have completely lost count

and here's my channel...
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