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Well folks, wish me luck. Heading to OK tomorrow to pick this up.

Negotiated down to 3K flat. Bike was dropped on the left side. Must have been walking pace. I have more detailed photos that show light scratches in the stator cover, an abraded turn signal lens, mirror and some scratching on the left pipe. Looked pretty minimal. Ssid there is also a blemish in the top of the tank, guessing from a tank bag. 39K miles. Most unfortunately is the lack of knowledge of the original owner. However, when the cheapest I have seen them go for recently is $3800, I think it is a fair price. Wont sting much to modify it a bit and ride it knowing it will never be a pristine example. I was planning to put lower bars and bar-end mirrors on anyway.

Anyone have ideas on reasonable exhaust replacement? I like the dual pea shooter look. All I can find so far are Emgos at about $100/side, but no way to retain the crossover. Everything else is a full system from $800 on up. Anyone else not running a crossover pipe? Any noticeable performance decrease?

If anyone knows a reason to pass this one up....speak now or forever hold your peace
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