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Three Score and Ten

Just 4 weeks to go for me and for sure I'm aware of the passing of the years. I'm a skinny bloke and was never very strong so the loss of strength with passing time sometimes makes things a little difficult.

Just now I'm 8 weeks out from open chest surgery, I'm making a good recovery and am about ready to get back on the bike. Hot, humid weather here makes riding an unattractive proposition at present so I'm content to wait a little longer. No need to be all macho, I've nothing to prove.

Compensations for the passing years include being content with life and not feeling the need to compete with anyone for any reason.

I admit to being very aware of the approaching birthday but it will be only the second one I've ever thought much about. The first was my 50th. Prior to that I never gave my age a thought. The friends I ride with range from mid 50 to mid 70 and their riding abilities are not a function of their age.
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