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Originally Posted by japako View Post
You could find a scale at a large farm fertilizer store, stone quarry or place that sells large amounts. Truck stop...

I would still go with the disk brake option, even if you have to buy a new axle..

You were talking about moving the axle...

Sorry for talking so much..
No. PLEASE talk some more! Not thinking of moving the axle, just a full replacement.

As for disk brakes, I've heard that drum is better for weighted stuff(trailers, trucks, etc..) and disk is more for commuter and small car's... What I heard

Never would have thought of stone quarry....

Originally Posted by SnowMule View Post
If you want brakes on the trailer, get a trailer with brakes. For a two-place open like that, I honestly wouldn't worry about it.

Modify your driving - The "O/D Off" button gets a -lot- of work on my truck when i'm pulling. There's also a "2" and "1" gear besides the usual "D" ... use those when going downhills or you will smoke your tow vehicle's brakes.

The 4-pin connector is for lights and lights only. Brake, LT, RT. There's a few varieties of other connectors mostly seen on horse trailers, I'd avoid these and skip right to a 7-pin RV connector. That adds a 12V aux line, ground, reverse, and electric brakes. I replaced the connector on my truck with a dual-connector dealie, has the 7-pin RV and the 4-pin next to it. Between those two, I can hook up just about anything to the truck.

And if you do go with brakes on the trailer, spend the money for a decent controller. Tekonsha's the only ones worth getting, I have a Primus in my truck I got on sale and it works well. Other benefit to a better controller is some built-in diagnostics - Mine tells me that the trailer's not only connected, but that the brakes are indeed working and not shorted out. The digital readout's nice so you can go back to a point you liked rather than just guessing.

For the trailer you're looking at, you'll be fine. I wouldn't want to put more than my loaded trailer behind my truck, but it gets the job done.
Already got the trailer, so buying one with is out of the question. My Uncle said I should worry about it either, but being a new 'Tower'(is that even right??) I scares the hell out of me. Totally knew it would happen, evenone said it would, and I listened.. Just doing it is different...

When down a hill in "2" already. Also was told that one, still makes a huge difference.

Planning on doing the 7-pin just because of the aux line and the break line built in. Dont care about the signals as much..

Thanks for the heads up on the Tekonsh. Been looking at Napa but they have some other brand that I didn't reconize

The thing with me, is that when I load up... I REALLY load up also. I carry about 500#s of wood, 100#'s of food/drink, 400# bike, and gas & gear worth about another 100... ON A VAN! I feel good when I make to where ever im going because of all those numbers, and the swaying with all that weight, makes feel like I got my "Man Pants" on when I am done driving. So adding an extra 1500# trailer is why I am a little sketchy... Mainly cause I dont know how well or how bad it will go, and I dont want to find out the hard way. "Hope for the best, Plan for the worst" kinda motto is where I sit on the subject...

Again. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! Keep it going, take all I can get,
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