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Day 62

It rained much of the night and when we awoke it was staill raining and very overcast with a threatening sky. This through a break in the cloud

We all lay in a little longer than usual to see if it would clear but it was pretty obvious that it was in for hours at least, and maybe the day.
We all packed up in the rain and went down into Tsakhir to see if we could gas up and get some breakfast.
We went into a little cafe and one of the guys went to the counter and asked if they were serving anything to eat. The woman replied that they were, so we went and sat down at a table and awaited the waitress.. and waited...and waited. Eventually one of us got up and went for a look to see if they were doing anything for us-sometimes you don't get a choice-just whatever they happen to be cooking.
They were sitting talking and clearly doing nothing for us to eat. WTF?. The question was asked again if they could cook something and then they realised-YEEEESS! we're asking if you're serving because...we'd like something to wasn't a rhetorical question or a feckin' social lubricant! Now all hell broke loose and they scampered about stoking the fire and making coffee, it was the awful (IMHO) instant Mac stuff..3 types of powder..milk, sugar, coffee-ugh!-but beggars etc etc. Eventually we'd got something but it was so excellent (NOT) I can't remember a damn' thing about it. I think I've mentioned Mong cuisine's shortcomings before.

No wonder they can fight-If I had to eat the awful food they do I'd want to beat the bejasus out of someone.
Oh for even some
Still...on the bright side their beer is excellent. Gimme the Chingis!!

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