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Thumb Good Work!!

I think you did fine, uranerg.

I've ridden both an R850R, and the R1100R.

The 850 had been in a crash (seller was a stoopid scammer) so it rode funny. (Test ride for a friend.)

The 1100 was fine; preferred my GS. (Was test riding it for another friend; she bought it and is still ecstatic.)

I think it's an excellent bike, easy to handle, and likely has ABS, which is nice for beginners and LD.

W/ parts from Beemer Boneyard etc, you guys should do alright by it mechanically.

My only concern is that he's gonna have to wait a bit for the LD riding till he has sorted it.

I see a sports-tourer in his future...

All the best to you and your friend; great to see new riders!!!
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