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Originally Posted by Josephvman View Post
I don't intentionally wheelie the Multi, but I did get on it hard once, winding it up through the gears, and felt the front come up after hitting third. When it set back down I looked a the speedo, which was reading 92mph! If you're into wheelies, I think the Multi is the ticket.
My base 2010 MTS wheelies easily with my 250+lbs, in any mode (urban or sport) in 1st and 2nd gears. 3rd gear wheelies are also attainable, but then you're starting to really push the speed limit, as you say. I can't imagine how fun it would be if I wasn't overweight. Perhaps this is the best motivation to lose weight?

Power wheelies on this bike are so easy and one of the best things about it. I found the real difference was adjusting the suspension preload correctly. On the base MTS, this is manually done, stiffening both ends up really reduced the pitching (diving and squating) and also made wheelies much easier. However, the rear preload is very sensative, like 1/4 or 1/8 turn sensative. If you add too much preload the rear is more likely to loose grip and slide, too little and it squats. It's fun nonetheless.

I'm not suggesting you become a squid, but get on it more, it will put a true grin on your face. The drives out of corners are so much fun with the front crossed up. I can't imagine how it would be with proper sticky track tires. I'm rolloing on PR3s, not the best tires for grip.

Originally Posted by Ramv
So last month I got my 15k mile service, about 22 months on my 2010. They did another flash and all the usual stuff. New conti trail attacks front and rear. 180 rear. Picked it up with a sinus infection so just rode home and parked it. Finally was warm enough to ride this week. Plugged in the heated gear and headed out. Power wheelie in the cul de sac. Another after the stop sign. Triple digits into the city. Wtf? Not sure if it was the cold weather (30 deg this am) or what but it seem to be throwing down way more power, never power wheelied before other than fully loaded and dropping the clutch at sea level. I have a 14 t countershaft sprocket. I have had a 180 before so I don't think that is releated. 50 yards of spinning the tire when I left the parking garage this evening which may just have been the temps but DTC has been disabled since new since it only engaged on rough roads.. I am really surprised. This bike hasn't been very impressive power wise but maybe after two years its finally coming around. We'll see as it warms up but if you haven't got the 2012 flash, I recommend it!
Ramv, I've always thought there might have been something wrong with your bike from the start. I've ridden mine at high altitudes in Utah and it didn't have any problems with spinning or wheelies. I'd keep an eye out on your gas mileage. I know in the past you always reported great gas mileage, it may be affected now.
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