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A couple of months ago I started looking for a couple of specific bikes....
I had no luck finding anything locally, and ended up buying a very cool bike that was not on my original list. I picked it up in Las Vegas before the holidays, and it turned out to be in better condition than I'd imagined.

Recently I found a fairly local example of one of the bikes I started my search for - so I'm putting the W650 out there for a quick local sale.
If it doesn't sell, I don't have to have that other bike... I'll hang onto the W650 for a while - it's a pretty cool bike and fun to ride. If it sells, it will come close to breaking a record for garage-stay brevity.

This isn't going into the main Flea Market, it's more of an "off season, maybe someone's looking" deal. And cheaper than the one in Colorado Springs craigslist too

2000 W650 w/ 14,800 miles $4300

Previous owner's wife's battery, o-ring chain, tires, and clutch w/ heavy duty springs. The oem clutch was fine, but was feeling strange so the previous owner installed a new clutch/springs and that brought the feel back. It rides and feels like a new bike. The PO had just adjusted the valves and changed the oil & filter.
To eliminate the factory lean jetting, he installed Thruxton needles in the carbs (richer taper) and exposed the fuel screws, backing them out 1/2 turn.
It carburets perfectly.

Though it looks very retro, the engine is a 4 valve/cylinder SOHC, shim over bucket, using the same 7.48mm shims my TE310 does. You slide the rocker aside to get to the shim - valve adjustments are easy, and one won't have to be done for quite a while.

I have the oem chainguard and taillight assembly, as well as a set of aftermarket cafe handlebars.

In excellent original condition, if you're interested - take it for a spin. They feel as old's cool as they look.

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