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Whist we were checking the bikes, eating the biccies, having a pee and chatting (bear in mind we didn't do all the above simultaneously or I'd get a job in the circus) a 4WD came in to the layby and the guy recognised we were talking English so came over to say hello.
He was a Korean ( as I remember) business man talking American English, but his daughter was at university in England studying Business.... eh? the converstaion took on an air of surreality. A Korean talking English to a Scot, a Dutchman and woman and an Englishman in Mongolia. Maybe it's just me ...

He chatted for a few minues then hopped in th 4WD and splashed away.

The weird thing about the layby and this locality was-it was heavily forested. Very unusual indeed in Mongolia where you could conceivably pass all the way through the nation and not see a tree.
Just a few hundred yards after this we bumped up on to a tarmac road..HALLELUJAH!!!
We could now wick it up a little and continued along towards Tsetserleg.
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