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Originally Posted by Ed Zachtamundo View Post
Good work, you crazy bastard. Thanks for keeping up on your ride report- I just wish I were there to help!

20 hours of surgery so far and my pelvis is fixed. Tomorrow morning I'll go under so they can rebuild my femur and fix what they did in El Salvador. As it is, my right femur is 2" shorter than my left.

Stay safe and stay in touch!

Hey Justin good luck with your surgeries. I will be going through Portland tonight and sunday sometime. I would love to stop by and check on you if you'd have me. PM me with some details.

Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
Man.... You're taking a huge gamble riding that thing to the corner, much less to Lima, with the sprocket in that condition. I'd arrange to store it and get your parts by bus. And I recommend NOT to tighten your chain the way you've been doing it. Keep it loose! Your sprocket / shaft problems and chain stretching are indicating having set the chain too tight.

Here is a diagram of a chain drive and swing arm - with a line between the sprocket centerlines passing through the centerline of the swingarm pivot.

To realize this is the tightest the chain will ever get, over the suspension travel, imagine the rear moving up or down from this aligned position. Since the swingarm pivot is between the sprocets, you can see that the distance between the sprockets (labelled 24" in the above image) will decrease to less and thus the chain will become more slack.

Hence, if the chain slack is set to a minimum acceptable value, just loose enough to not be under tension, in this case about 1/2" of play in the center of span, at the longest distance between the two sprockets, as above, then the chain will be properly tensioned for full suspension travel. It should be not sloppy but not under any tension in this position of max tightness.

I know you must feel terrible about pulling out onto the road when a car was coming. The great thing is you got off without getting hurt, not to mention getting off easy paying the guy $100 and not even going to cool your heels in jail. You were super-lucky on so many levels! God is with you, and here he was reminding you - perhaps you are not praying enough

Slow down a bit and focus, brother in spirit.
Did I miss something. How do you know the condition of his sprocket? How do you know how he is tightening his chain? I'm so lost...
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