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Originally Posted by gofast1320 View Post
A lot more than an M1 Carbine. They may be close in $$$ value but nowhere near the same in usage. With an M1 you get a pistol cartridge that is not that easy to find in a easily handled rifle. With your .45 you have a good pistol cartridge in a good pistol. Your gun to do with as you wish but no way I'd swap for the carbine.
50 years ago when you could get the carbine for 20.00 from the CMP program you could find rounds pretty cheap and they were abundant, today not so much. Shot one tons and it was fine for vienna sausage cans at 40 yards, even reloaded some with the lee hand loader but all in all its nowhere near the .45 auto in value to me and I'm no big 1911 fan.
I would tend to agree for an inland carbine, I don't really know the value of a Dan Wesson, but I can tell you the value of a real nice M1 in the mid west is right at $1,000, a nice shooter about $ if you are talking rock-ola, IBM, or one of the other "rare" ones that is something different in tearms of value. Currently the juke box company command the highest prices....2-3x that depending on what kind of shape it is in.

The days are LONG gone in buying one for $20. They are great rifles...I have two and one 1911...if I had to sell one or the other the 1911 would be sold in a hot second.
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