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Originally Posted by Dusty Boots View Post
In planning for my 3 month tour, I budgeted roughly $15/night camping, $25/day food and $35/day fuel = $75/day.
Depending on your and your bike's 'appetite', you can shave $15/day off of that. My bike averages 35mpg and I eat twice/day, most my own cooking.
In reality ..... because I spent a total of 3+ weeks staying at friends places, resulting in not doing much riding during those 3+ weeks and spending another total of 2+ weeks at various meet n greets with reduced riding and finally finding quite a few free campgrounds, it worked out to roughly $45/day

No beer I assume unless yer planning on mooching, how bout hookers & blow ?

while many times I have come back from trips only spending small amounts, for the times that I have spent my whole budget amount, I'm glad it was there

I separate bike cost and personal cost, I have a known cost per mile, (45 for my V-strom 1000) then I estimate room/meals/entertainment separate, while some places you can find free or cheap camping, just as often, its $32/nite just to set up a tent and walk a quarter mile to a toilet & shower, and for a room, $100 a nite is more common the $50 a nite
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