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Originally Posted by aranay View Post
I picked up a heated jacket liner and glove liners (first gear brand) with a wireless controller and I was wondering if anyone here knows if I install this, I will start having power issues (stator being overloaded, battery can't maintain a charge, roasting wires, etc...) I guess I really should have researched this before I dropped the coin to buy the stuff but I'm silly like that. I only have high beams functioning on my stock headlight so I'm already drawing power in that regard.
Did you check how many watts those items draw? The 640 puts out about 200 watts at redline so you would be looking at about 180-190 watts at high speed... The headlight, taillight, signals and instruments probably total about 75 W consumption on average and then throw in another 15-25 for the ignition... So to make it easy we'll say that the bike takes 100 W to run.. That leaves about 80-90 Watts to run accessories, like a vest, heated grips or a jacket... If you run a switch to your headlight you can free up another 55 watts while the headlight is off which will bring you free watts up to 130-145...

If you end up using more watts than the charging will put out you'll end up draining the battery completely which will also starve the ignition and kill the engine... You can get away with doing this if you use the power consumer for short intervals in turn switching it off for a bit after say 20 minutes, this will allow the battery time to recharge...
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