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Originally Posted by Mambo Dave View Post
I was mistaking the terrain of NC as something other than it is... you're right that he doesn't seem to live near the hills. May be pretty straight roads, but I bet the local police are strict enough that he won't be doing the true 80 to 90 MPH every day that some of us have. I'd probably still vote for a WeeStrom or, again, if there is some Sportster model that is actually comfortable to ride (but I've been reading that there isn't ... I just tire of the nuances of a chain when I could have a belt for commuting).
plenty of hills in the piedmont, where he is - I am just north of that lake near him.

in fact, he is probably riding on us1 and 64, exactly the built-up state highway I was thinking of. you can sing along at 75-80 on 64 all day if you want, and still get passed, at least until it devolves back into a windy state road. us1 is pretty similar until South Carolina.

I was trying not to just come right out and suggest a vstrom, but, well, vstrom.
--Semantics are everything.
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