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Originally Posted by hexnut View Post
What does it do that a Kymco Downtown 300 won't do?
From the spec sheet it is down 20cc's but I am sure the Honda wizards have it making as much or slightly more power than the Kymco. It is quite a bit heavier though and unless it puts out lots more power, will probably be slower.

I love Honda products, and they are bullet proof. But I also love my Downtown 300. I paid the dealer $4600 for the bike plus tax title and $0 prep. It is quicker than most people think and has returned a steady 75 mpg per tank and I have the throttle pinned every time I accelerate just for giggles.

The seat could be a little better, maybe improve the shocks a little and the dashboard is on the boring side, but it looks great and is an awesome reliable machine.

The Honda looks nice but would not make me trade the Kymco. And as a second scooter in the garage, the new Piaggio 300 Maxi looks better to me and adds some nice features like traction control.
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