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Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
I hope I didn't let the cat out of the bag
See the sprocket pics for yourself.
I hope he's not on the way to Lima with that front sprocket flopping around on the output shaft like that! And a tight chain trying to rip if off... There will be little joy of it if he ends up having to replace the output shaft. I wish he would check in...

PS: how do you "piss off hippies in Corvallis" with his HD? That sounds like an interesting story...
I'm all caught up now, I went through the last couple of page of the XRL only thread. And yeah he should update us. I'm curious as to what the rear sprocket looks like.

Well like most Harleys his is loud and obnoxious, unless your on it then it sounds absolutely badass. Right next to campus there is a really hippie/hipster coffee shop and when ever I make a pass by it I give the bike a lot of throttle and shake the windows a little bit. It's loud enough to set off car alarms so I figure I'm rattling some patchouli stinking hippie.
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