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Originally Posted by pjensen641 View Post
Thanks for the opinions guys!

Depending on how bad the scratches are, I may do nothing. I did listen to a bunch of sound clips and agree that the mellow low stock tone is nice. Some of the aftermarket ones had almost a whistle to the note and of course much louder. I will probably only replace for aesthetic reasons. Besides, I would much rather spend money on suspension. I've ridden enough to know that suspension is where the money goes.

Speaking of suspension. I see Hagons are popular, anybody do progressive 412's? What about something a little more premium? Do Elka, Wilbers, Ohlins make shocks for this bike? I usually go for the best bang for my buck when choosing upgrades. That means if i have to spend a little more to get a huge increase in performance, I will do it. If spending a huge amount more nets a little better, I will not.

Not looking forward to the 8 hr drive ahead of me today. hope it pays off

For the rear, I have Progressive 412's on mine. I never road a stock W, but these seem to work well for me and I weigh 185lbs. You should be able to pick up a pair of new one for no more than $250.

Also for the rear, I've seen Íhlins 36E and S36D on a custom W650's. But you are talking $700-$1000 depending on where you buy them and how they are outfitted.
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