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From your experiences

Great RR. I'm really impressed with you all. Thanks for writing this up.

Here's a general question for any of you guys (B included). You all talk about punctures, but don't say what the actual problem is. I've traveled a lot in Baja and the primary offender is nails that have dropped out of used lumber that's carted from the USA.....but we have mystery holes and rim pinches as well as stems pulled, but by far the most are nails in Baja. I even came across a tube that had been warn thin in a bunch of places not long ago.

Can you give an overall view of causes of the flats out there?

Also, recently I gave up on tubes and have switched to sealing up my rims with 'Shoe Goo' or 'Seal all' (they are the same thing), and now am running tubeless on my DR350. I'm in the first year of running tubeless, but so far I'm recommending it.

I just recently finished the Continental Divide ride this last summer (2500 miles of dirt, and another 2500 of pavement). I did pick up a horse shoe nail on a Montana trail. It hadn't caused the tire to leak as it sealed itself. I just happened to notice the nail in there, and plugged the tire in a couple minutes without even losing the air that was in the tire. I lost maybe 5 lbs.

Have you considered going tubeless?

Also, P has impressed me from his bike's preparedness. I think P is a Mechanical standout, and I'd seek out his opinion on anything moto.

P, would you care to give an opinion on why BMWs seem to lose an inordinate amount of Ring and pinions. I know that's kind of a hijack, so don't go into that if you don't want to, or maybe a PM would work.


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