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The bike I am currently restoring has a nasty dent in the tank and the next bike I will be doing has a shallow cave in on one whole side so decided to try the harbor freight stud welder kit I am not a fan of harbor freight and at 50 years old and a lifle long tool junkie this is actually the first harbor freight tool purchase for me.

the kit comes with the welder and two different size tips and a handfull of studs for each tip and a slide hammer designed to work with the studs. The welder works perfectly with both size studs and the tips are easy to change. The online reviews for the slide hammer were almost unanamous in their opinion that the slide hammer didn't work. I had zero problems with the slide hammer on the small studs but had a bit of a problem with it on the larger studs. I did eventualy figure out that if I held the locking cam with my finger for the first few hit with the slide that I could get the hammer to grip the larger studs about 95% of the time I'm sure with a bit of re engineering and a file the locking cam could be improved but for the ocasional use it will get in my shop it is fine as is.

I paid $99 for the kit on sale but even for the regular price I think this tool is a great value for the time it can save.
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