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Originally Posted by mdawg12 View Post
Since all this talk about riding is going on and I'm stuck here in the office, I will throw this out:

I am wanting to organize an Alaska trip summer of 2014. I have two guys that always go with me on cross country trips that are probably in. Any of you local inmates interested? Not even began to plan other that I want to go. Love to grab someone that has done it before to help and or go along.

Check with 10Cup, I think he is headed north.

Originally Posted by stuckin View Post
If ur going through Canada and dont have a passport they have a new passport card good for Mex and Can. lots faster to get and a lot cheaper. I think its just good for driving not flying

Be aware that even if you have a passport you will be checked at the border. If in your misspent youth you received a D.W.I. or were charged in an incident related to fighting or violence you are considered a felon under Canadian law and will be denied entry.

My occupation sends a lot of people to the Canadian plants and a surprising number of applicants are turned away.

Hmmmmm, that might be why we see a lot of RR where the ferry is used.....

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