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Tiger 1050 Sport

The new Tiger Sport takes the adventure style street bike category to another level.

The new exhaust and upgraded intake system have enabled our engineers to deliver an additional 10PS of power and 6Nm of torque from its 1050cc triple engine whilst boosting the output across the full range of revs. The engineís growl sounds throatier and meaner too, but more importantly, it has improved acceleration with an output of 125PS (123 bhp, 92kW) and 104Nm (77lb.ft, 10.6kgm). Also new for the Tiger Sport is an updated gearbox that brings slicker, faster gear changes.

Major revisions to the styling create a more sporting look coupled with a new single sided swingarm which improves packaging and allows more space for the new exhaust and larger optional panniers. The fully adjustable suspension has been completely redeveloped with new springs and re-valved damping. The new stronger rear subframe provides greater payload capacity (220kg) and greater rigidity, whilst improved ergonomics make for a more comfortable ride.

The Tiger Sport's engine creates a more dynamic, punchy and responsive ride with more power, torque and improved fuel efficiency. The 1050cc three-cylinder engine that powers the Tiger Sport has been upgraded with improved gas flow, a new air box, better breathing and even more distinctive sound. This all results in improved acceleration and, combined with gearbox revisions, provides lighter, more responsive gear changes. Output increases by 10PS to 125PS (123 bhp, 92kW) and 104Nm (77lb.ft, 10.6kgm). With the added advantage of better fuel economy.

Key to the Tiger Sport is a chassis that not only delivers comfort but also sporting fun. Fully adjustable suspension and new springs with re-valved damping enable high levels of adjustability and feel. The new stronger rear subframe provides greater payload and greater rigidity meaning the fun continues even when riding two up. This gives the bike its sharper feel with enough left in reserve to handle the additional load capacity offered by the fitment of the optional Triumph Dynamic Luggage System. TDLS features an inter-connecting cable between each pannier to isolate turbulence-induced movement from the chassis resulting in a more stable ride. The latest ABS system is standard and includes a new modulator for better extreme braking and improved feel to back up the Tigerís radial brakes. It all goes to create a bike youíll relish taking through the twistys.

Not only has ride comfort improved, the seat is now narrower and more comfortable for both rider and passenger: itís 5mm lower at the front and the handlebars are lower and closer to the rider, giving a more direct feel. The back seat is also lower, sitting the passenger fully behind the rider for better wind protection. Added versatility is also provided by the under seat storage compartment and the ability to store an optional U-Lock. Who said you canít have comfort and a sporty ride in the same bike?

Attention to detail has shaped the Tiger Sport. A specially designed single-sided swing-arm, newly styled side panels, tail unit and screen all make the bike look sportier. New lightweight reflector type headlights improve lighting performance and create a new visual look. Sculptured footrests, coloured seat stitching, tougher material on the underside of the seat, aluminium pannier mounts and careful styling of the new fork yokes and engine side casings add to that impression.

In fact, the fit, finish and build quality of every single facet of the bike has been improved for 2013. New colours: Crystal White or Diablo Red.

A wide range of accessories are available for Tiger Sport including the optional Triumph Dynamic Luggage System. Payload is doubled to 10kg per pannier. The left sided pannier is 31 litres and is capable of storing a full face helmet, the right sided pannier is 24 litres in order to shape around the silencer. The Dynamic Luggage System is designed to minimise the forces passed through to a bike's chassis induced by turbulence around the luggage. It does this by partially cross-linking the panniers, which are free to pivot on their top mountings by several degrees, so that the force on one pannier is passed through to the other without affecting the main chassis of the bike resulting in a bike which is more stable and yet more agile.
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