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Originally Posted by Dusty Boots View Post
Ya, right! You should try it some year!! It costs me $18+ to fillup, .... never mind campground, food etc
I have spent enough time on the road with no money. You can eat for about $5 a day (less if have have room to buy larger quantities of things). One of the biggest money wasters is gas station crap ie bottled water soda coffee snacks etc.
When traveling you don't ride 300 miles everyday, once I find a place or area I like I'll spend some time there maybe a few days maybe weeks, that alone saves a good chunk of money. Somedays I'd spend $100 and somedays I'd spend nothing, it averages out. The key is not paying for anything that you can do/get for free, no $5 truck stop showers, no developed campgrounds, do your laundry in a sink or stream somewhere
Being a likeable social person helps a ton it can get you fed, drunk, laid, a warm bed and hot shower tips on where to go and what to see all for free.
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