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No more nice pictures.

The whole ride has been amazing so far, but the last days to UB were certainly NOT the best of them all.
The amount of km's we had to do in this kind of weather were exhausting.
Because of al the deep waterfilled holes on the track we had to concentrate every second of the ride.
The tracks were SO slippery that trying to steer around the potholes was almost impossible, and there were so many that you would still ride into another one if you tried.

The weather wasn't stimulating to take out the camera. The only camera left was the one on my cell phone !!
As I lost my old canon Ixus in the Altai while I was gathering wood for our campfire
which I didn't miss till we were 200 km further
So later I used beamsters Lumix Tz7 to take snapshots while riding. But it was in my chest pocket when I did the "does an Airhead float" test
Result= another camera F#@KT
Because the camera in my tank bag was not in its waterproof pouch at that moment, my last camera with its lens's were ruined too.
I could still use the camera for a few more days. But on day 62 from tsakhir to tsetserleg the cell phone camera was the only working one left..

The pictures from this point on are of a poor quality.

This one is taken in our Tsetserleg hotels restaurant where we ordered our meals by just pointing four things on the on the mongolian menu.
Non of the waitresses spoke other than Mongolian, so we were in for a surprise. It turned out to be a good one, because the food was really fantastic.

The bad camera sure makes the guy's look tired

Thanks everyone for the kind words about the pictures. But I'm not the only one that took them.
Some of the pictures I have posted were taken by Beamster or Tee Bee
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