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In terms of getting a second bike on the trailer (when the wife starts to ride again as the baby grows up a little) I'm thinking I'll add a receiver hitch to the rear of the camper. I'm still in the brainstorming phase of design, but have some mild to mildly wild ideas on how to do it. The real benefit of putting the second bike on the rear of the camper is the obvious weight distribution. The Jeep is rated to 3500 lbs and the camper is ~2300 lbs dry, so I should have enough for a full water load with both bikes and a couple other nick knacks. The family and doalotgs will go in the Jeep in total comfort, so I'm excited for future family trips.
You want to be real careful weighting the back of a trailer. A bike might not seem like of allot weight, but the lightest 2 stroke plus the carrier will be at least 250 lbs at the end of a pretty significant lever.

Have you ever pulled a trailer with too little tongue weight? It can be anything from sketchy to a pile up.

The rule of thumb is at least 10% of your laden trailer weight should be on the tongue. Realistcally 300 lbs on the back of a trailer is that size/weight is not a great idea. Your trailer when loaded normally should be at least 350 lbs on the hitch, so lets call it 500 lbs, Just by eyeballing it, it seems the distance from the hitch to the trailer axle and where a bike would hang off the back would be about equal, which brings your tongue weight to 200 lbs or so.

I have had some pretty bad experiences with about that weight on the back of a 20' tandem camper trailer when pulled with a full size pickup, so please use my mistake to your advantage. If your gonna do it anyways, at least take it real easy until you understand the dynamics. Just for the sake of comparison the trailer weighed in at about 6000 lbs, and the tongue weight was probably at about 500 lbs when the nastiness happened.
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