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Ok, one more, just for fun

Super, I reach Duluth by 6:00PM, still enough time to get further north and make into the Superior National Forest, where I know there has to be free camping all over that can be used for a quick overnight.

Duluth Minnesota starts the beautiful north shore drive along Lake Superior. Less than twenty miles up the north shore my route takes me due north into the Superior National Forest.

This area is new to me but it feels very familiar, public forest and public forest roads. I see dozens of fire-lanes and logging roads with large boulders placed at their entrance. I’m sure they are for deterring ATV use, which is highly regulated n Minnesota. Although these trails are perfect for adventure motorcyclists looking for protected camp spots, the boulders would have to be moved for anything with four-wheels to get through.

I like the way this sign reads “Road may be impassable Travel at your own risk” I check out several trails looking for a perfect isolated and protected spot. This is a great area for adventure dual-sport motorcycle riding.

After sunset, I go into the mode ‘look hard for a camp site’. I ride down a few rough dirt roads pulling over to stop and look for any flat area to set a tent. The key for me is to feel confident that no one will ever see me or discover me if I stay just the night. I find a couple of sites that would have been fine but decide to ride further. I mark in my head what the odometer reads so if I can’t find anything up the road, I can always return to exactly this place, in the dark if necessary. I do this for every acceptable spot when its this late in the day.

The next dirt road I try has a small sign with a name on it ‘White Lake’. A quarter mile down is a little sigh showing a tent symbol. The trail ends at a small lake and four sweet campsites right on the foot lake. What a score, no one here but me.

Witnessing the transformation of twilight over a lake is always a good way to end the day.

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