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The Goldwing does indeed feel like an appliance. It's one appeal is that it is extremely comfortable, allowing you to travel long distances without pain. The bike itself is dead boring. It's what you can do with it that is not boring. I never rode mine around town, would rather drive a car. But I don't see anything boring about a Harley. I can (and have) had fun on those riding around a parking lot. They have a sound and feel that I don't see how anybody could find boring. They actually corner fine, but that is not what they were designed for. The only BMW I would probably not find boring would have to be the GS, but I could have just as much fun on a KLR for 1/3 the price. As for BMW road bikes, I do not know of any modern ones that do not have a sportbike riding position, which to me means not only boring but painful as well. The R1200C was also boring, but comfortable, making it a great bike to enjoy traveling on. But as far as the title of the thread, I would take any Harley over any BMW in a heartbeat. An Electra Glide has both comfort and character. What more could you want from a touring bike?
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