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Originally Posted by RedRaptor22 View Post
It may or may not be possible depending on chain and sidestand locations but for bulletproofing those pegs I think making them a single unit like on the old way back bikes were they bolted them to the cases would probably be the strongest and most inconspicuous solution, plus that cross bar would give you something super sturdy to mount the rear of a skid plate to.
There isn't anything below strong enough to mount the bar like you describe def don't want to risk the oil pan or lower case. I'm 230#

Spent some time with one of my favorite tools, the JD2 hydraulic tubing bender. Originally I tried to bend it all out of one piece, but that was not happening. So I had to make it out of two pieces and add another weld.

I finally hooked up my air compressor so I can run the cylinder off air, much faster (and noisier) than pump the jack by hand. The material is 3/4" 6063 pipe, which is 1.05" OD for the astute observer. My 1" tubing die grabs the pipe slightly and grooves it, but it's pretty minor. Certainly not enough to make me spend $175 on the correct die.

The final mockup after some fast and dirty welding

Originally I was going to make the racks from steel and weld them to the frame, but with the aluminum rotopax holder I made it just makes sense to weld the whole thing from aluminum and bolt it. Just the hoop I made weighs almost a pound less (0.845 lbs) using aluminum vs steel. And I'm on a diet with this bike.

I will probably remake these hoops once I get the Wolfman luggage in hand I was just anxious to bend some metal today.
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