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Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
While I was eating I met a couple of fellow overlanders who had driven their Toyota Fourrunner down here from Austin, Texas.

They've been on the road for 11 months! They ended up getting married in Guatemala. What a honeymoon! They have a pretty sweet setup in the Toyota. They usually just park in front of a Hostel, pirate the wifi, pay for a shower, and sleep in the back of their rig. For the life of me I can't remember their names; they're probably going to be angry with me when they read this as I gave them the address for the ride report.....

After I left the Texans, I found this hilarious sign above a nearby drive way:

I suppose these kinds of signs are necessary when you live next to a bunch of Hostels and bars.
We really enjoyed bumping into you guys in Medellin. Hopefully we'll catch up to you soon, we're next to the Amazon in Misahualli, Ecuador.

For the record we totally didn't pee in that dude's driveway...we were able to find better alternatives

We try to avoid the 'camp in front of a hostel' move, but sometimes in big cities it's unavoidable. I still can't believe how big of a ghost town Medellin was for Christmas!

Safe travels,
Brenton & Shannon
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