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Here's my hasty fuck up with a Dremel.

The extractors are turning out to be too soft themselves to get a hold of the thing. Even with the sides heated up.

Tons of WD-40 was sprayed to seep into the sides to get it to even slide but it's not working.

I'll try again tomorrow.

Assuming that dowel is staying in there, I'm thinking:

1. Grind down whatever little bit it protruding.

2. Make a similar sized hole to the left of the saddle and put the dowel in there.

Something I want to re-itterate. All the dowel is doing is holding the outer race of the shaft bearing in place so the OUTER RACE doesn't spin. I don't know what the pressure is like when the crank case is rejoined, what if I used some gasket material on the saddle just before installing the shaft. Clamped down with the case shut, would that be enough to provide a force to hold the outer bearing from moving?
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