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last year the bikes i had in my garage all were very easy to slide that axle right through.
it did not matter whether i owned them forever, or if it was the first time i worked on the rear end.

well, all finally caught up with me. now it seems that even my long time bikes just
DO NOT accept that axle so easily

well, after banging, and after retrying, and then banging my hands, fingers, and yes--even banging
the side of my head, i read a mnx manual.

NOW BELIEVE IT OR NOT........the 1 thing that seems to show up consistently in the books, no matter
the manufacturer.......yep, they all state to "remove the caliper before remounting the rear wheel."

so.....i started to use this NEW TO ME technique. AND BEHOLD, those rear wheels popped right on, the axles
slid right in, and the caliper mounted up.....and in record time no less.

so, even on bikes that i have never had a problem with.....i try once, and if the axle doesnt slide right in.....
it is off goes the caliper. and then there are always the trouble bikes (aka ninja rat for one.....and the dr650 with new cush drive spacers), with those I ALWAYS drop the caliper. Axle up, no issues. Caliper on, no issues. Time to ride--priceless!
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