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Originally Posted by O-man21 View Post
I have a shot a getting an 04 with 17k miles. They're asking 4500, what should I offer? How is the reliability on these bikes? Anything I should look out for? It looks brand new from when I went to look at it today, but the mileage concerns me. I've never owned a bike with more than 10k miles.

Should I be worried? Or should I jump on this? The KBB is 3800, I think I'll offer 3700 cash.
Offer him $3500. Unless it's extremely clean, thats about all they go for.

As for reliability, they're pretty bulletproof. I've got 22k on mine, and ride it like it's built to be ridden. It doesn't miss a beat.

And 17k miles is NOT a lot of miles. Modern bikes are built to go just as long as modern cars. The problems lie in the fact that with sport bikes, most are wadded up before they ever have a chance to be ridden far. I've seen guys go over 200k and never crack the engine open. I've got close myself.

As long as it's clean, and well maintained, and you continue that trend, it'll go for several thousand more miles. Which is good, since you won't want to ever get rid of it. EVER. Trust me
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