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Just found this thread after your reply to my 'sportster or KLR' thread. Wow, I am glad you are doing fine after your accident and I thought you had sold your bike. I think we exchanged email couple of times few months back?

Anyway, curious to see what you will be doing differently this time around. It sounds as if you really love your dual sportster so much I don't think you should abandon it but you got to do what you think is best for yourself.

This thread gave me few ideas what to do with my sportster. I contacted Rick about making a rear shock for sporty but haven't heard from him assuming he doesn't do sporty until I see that you used his fork springs and he helped you tweak your sporty a bit. Maybe I should give him a call instead of email and see what he can do. Maybe he can do my forks and I'll just go with Works Performance rear shocks if he doesn't do sporty rear shock. I'd like to try and keep my sporty closer to factory setting but raise it up off the ground a bit and make a 2-in-1 exhaust pipe but the front exhaust pipe will run above the base of motor like Dough Wothke did with his Dirtster. But I think I would add spark arrestor muffler on right side and a dummy muffler on other side so I can make a safety box(with key) in there to keep important documents for my Central/South America trip. At least that's on my drawing board but doesn't mean it will go forward. We will see.
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