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Originally Posted by MiamiMotorcyclist View Post
I recently bought a ruger 10/22. Used to shoot one as a kid.

First shot at the range and I almost wondered if it had fired. A little dissapointing but don't regret buying it. If I could find a place where I could shoot at some cans or something other than paper I'm sure it will be a fun gun.

I then bought a Ruger SR22 pistol, haven't shot it yet but I'm hoping it will be more fun than the 10/22 at the indoor range. The lure of 400 rounds for $20 has me determined to enjoy shooting a .22 to supplement my other guns.

Of course now I have spent a few $$ to have the ability to save money by shooting .22 but hey it is what it is and the SR22 seems like it will be fun.

I have a bad habit of adding, "just one more box of ammo" to my bill at the range. It can add up quickly with 45 or even 9mm at the rate I go.
Now I hope to shoot that one box of the fun stuff and plink away with the .22 for a while instead of doing the, "just one more box of ammo" thing.

You will enjoy that pistol. She almost shoots like a "real" pistol and as you said the ammo is cheap. I have that, the SR40c and last week bought the SR9. The SR9 is for IDPA and steel challenge and the SR40c I will probably sell. I am not in a position to concealed carry, so that is a bit of an overkill.

Lovely pistols all of them. Trouble free with no issues. Both shoot just about any ammo out there. The SR22 is a bit finicky with Federal bulk, but it good practice to clear the pistol.


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