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Originally Posted by ThereisnoSpoon View Post
No problem, that stuff is cool. I found the program and it's filled with all of their autographs too. It was the year I started riding and I was 13, I was starstruck at the Dilla.


#27 Terry Clark
#42 Kenny Zahrt
#69 Greg Theiss
#66 Danny Weir
#64 Charles Cooper
#55 Dave Boles
#333 Denny Swartz
#339 Mike Bell
#41 Glendon Johnson
#996 Charles Halcomb Hus
#102 Jim Pomeroy Hon
#11 Rich Eierstedt - program says he was on a Suz, maybe he switched teams
#384 Bob Rutter Puch
#18 Micheal Kessler Mon
#21 Chuck Sun

There's most of the first 2 pages. I'll take a look at the last 2 later and see who else is out there. Cool pics!

does it say who 80 on a Husky and 36 on the Moto Fox RM is?
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