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So I guess my point is that if I put a bike up front on that tray it by itself basically maxes out the tongue weight. If I put a bike on the back that is similar or lighter in weight, doesn't that just nullify the weight on the front and I'm back to like there was nothing up front?

Now I know the physics of moment arms, the pivot point of the axle as it relates the distance each load (on the front tray and rear hitch carrier) is from that pivot point, will have an impact on things, but if I take into account 2 full propane tanks and perhaps some doo dads up front in addition to a full water load (the main tank is in front of the axle), wouldn't that negate the concern?

Again, not arguing, but looking to see if I'm just going to waste money on a bad idea from the start.
You are correct with offsetting the weight upfront with the weight in back. I've been running with my water tank dry to keep the tongue weight down as it can get overloaded very quickly with the deck loaded. That's why they have the deck loading limit of 200lbs, but with proper care and understanding you will be OK. I would not want to try this with just any popup trailer as the frames are alot less rigid and lighter than the E-series, once again why I chose the E1. Any pilot out there can help with a proper weight & balance program to keep the tongue weight in check.
I was going to do a proper C/G program in Excel for just this purpose and will get it done when able and make sure you get a copy.
A weight distribution hitch is not an option for my vehicle as it has a self leveling system and I need to keep the tongue weight in proper order.
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