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Originally Posted by Wreckchecker View Post
There were blood sucking leeches in the pouch the last time I picked it up from a low swampy muddy spot.

The legs tag made me wonder about such prominent spots because the first time I picked up Eggy was at another prominent one. For that I first found a bundle of goodies from somebody else's geo-caching game, just feet away.
Yep. That's my concern. Obviously, don't want to bury it so deep somewhere it can't be found and don't want to make it so visible that a casual stroll will make it visible to someone not looking for it.

Don't have an exact spot in mind for Eggy, but finishing getting caffeinated, charging the crap that needs charged and heading in this vicinity:
(Nothing significant about the labels on the map other than that they're from the book referenced above)

Fully intend to find a resting place today. It's going to be in the 70s around these parts for at least today and tomorrow. I know there are a lot of active taggers within easy reach of this area, so I don't expect it'll last too long. Honestly, I hope it gets grabbed quickly so I can stop this ridiculous worrying about it getting stolen...

Not sure what the 3G/4G coverage is like in that area, but I'll get it posted as quickly as I can, providing I do find the right spot.
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