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I have worked and played in Atlanta since 1996. I commute every day, leave my car in the inner city to run before work. I drive to different locations for work and park my car in the most crime ridden areas of the city and have never been bothered. For the past 3 years, I have been part of a hashing running club. We drive to all parts of the city including the constitution road area in the evenings, park our cars and often don't get back until midnight. Hashing involves running through the woods, neighborhoods, and every f**cked up area we can find. Most of our hashes go through the inner city. We run through the projects, through parks etc. I was running just a couple miles from your location just last night. Neither my car or myself has ever been harmed from another individual. I have been threatened for trespassing many times, but that is my fault for being on someone elses property.

Not saying that Atlanta is a safe city and your story shows that problems can occur, but it ain't a war zone and you can spend time in the ATL and be very safe.
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