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Originally Posted by longtallsally View Post
Thank you very much for the input guys. However, isn't your above statement a bit contradictory Funguy? If my tow vehicle is tongue heavy, wouldn't it be a good thing to have a bit of weight on the back of the trailer? Not arguing, just wanted some clarification.

So I guess my point is that if I put a bike up front on that tray it by itself basically maxes out the tongue weight. If I put a bike on the back that is similar or lighter in weight, doesn't that just nullify the weight on the front and I'm back to like there was nothing up front?

Now I know the physics of moment arms, the pivot point of the axle as it relates the distance each load (on the front tray and rear hitch carrier) is from that pivot point, will have an impact on things, but if I take into account 2 full propane tanks and perhaps some doo dads up front in addition to a full water load (the main tank is in front of the axle), wouldn't that negate the concern?

Again, not arguing, but looking to see if I'm just going to waste money on a bad idea from the start...
Yep, you caught me in a contradiction. What I meant to say was :

Your TV is looking tongue heavy to begin with. However, too little tongue weight is potentially hazardous to your health.

Your idea is a good one if your trailer has the substructure to support a bike on the rear. I thought about doing that for a while with mine but didn't find enough steel under the rear to make me comfortable about trying it. Trailer mfg's don't tend to put any more metal anywhere that it isn't needed for their design, but maybe your trailer is different!

You sound like you know what you're doing to me. Do the math. You'll figure out how much/little tongue weight you'll have if you try this.

All I meant to emphasize is what Dwayne said. Don't get the tongue too light. Trailers will do nasty unpredictable things when you do that.

If it gets tricky though a WDH and an anti-sway bar can be helpful.

I say go for it!
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