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Basic repairs and maintenance, and side stand switch...

I tend to agree with learning to service wear items yourself. I have a small shop and restore old Hondas and Yamahas to control my ADD or whatever it is called when you can't sit still or watch TV.
I replaced the clutch slave cylinder which was leaking on my 2004 KTM 950 ADV and various other wear type items.
Obviously I don't have electronic equipment or "special" tools so would leave any major repairs to my local KTM shop.
I've been dealing with them and KTM for over 25 years. (1986 KTM 250, evil and wicked machine).
Oh, and there is a video of how to replace nearly anything on You Tube. Spend a few minutes watching it and then go out and do it.
It's also good to learn what to do when you rip the wires out of the kickstand safety switch while accidentally taking a hero section with the wife on the back, in the rain, at the Hancock Dual Sport.
Hint: at least two of the three have to be stripped and wired together or your bike will start and run great until you let the clutch out.
Thank you dirt bike rider who stopped to help us with that basic knowledge. I was ready to push pull or walk but we were in an extreme location with deep mud and huge rocks, thus the initial hit.
Which two wires? He said try these two, "it will either work or catch on fire" more likely blow a fuse, lol.
It worked. I've kept it taped up with the same electrical tape since then. No safety switch.
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