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After nearly 40 years of snowmobiling I would have to say that one of the best inventions is the "Snobunge" This towing device allows a stuck sled to be pulled out with another sled. Glad you are enjoying your sleds! Got to go get on mine now. Hopefully the temp in NE UT gets above 0 today. Great posts. keep them coming. One of these days I will make one of your inmate rides or run across you out there. I'll be the guy with short legs on a KTM 950SE giving you the ADV salute.
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Good snow at Brian Head during the X-Mas New Years week. Been up a couple of times skiing and playing around on the two new (to me) Yamaha sleds. Good times. Been having lots of fun pulling kids on inner tubes across the snow covered meadow (by Brian Head Town Park).

Also been stuck and rolled the sleds in soft snow a few times. No problems, but takes a little work to get loose. I'm sure we are making all the rookie mistakes.

A few pics with my nephew #3 from last weekend.

Still pretty easy to find lots on untracked snow on the backside of Brian Head Peak.

Rode some trails out to the High Mountain Meadow Overlook. Nice views of Cedar Breaks with Brian Head Peak in background. Still some fresh meadows in route, but too many trail/rental sleds in area. Trails get rutted and washboardy. Mountain sleds are better suited to the deep, loose snow behind Brian Head Peak.

The sleds have been wicked fun. When your 18-year old nephew ditches his girlfriend to go sled riding with you, something must be going right.
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