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I had two Buls, a Alpina and a Frontera. Started riding on Yamaha enduros but all the cool fast guys rode Bultacos. There was a Bultaco dealer at the end of my street in Wyoming Mich., Garrisons Modern Sports. Dean Garrison was one fast dude. Many times he would sit on a bike in the showroom or parking lot and talk to customers......with the side stand up and his feet on the pegs. I wonder what happened to him? I fell in love with the Alpina when they came out; super quiet and fast in the tight single tracks which there were alot of in Michigan in the 70s. I saw an ad in Cycle News where Budda Cycles in Cali were selling Fronteras cheap at the end of the year so I sent them a check for about $900 and they shipped me a 360 all the way to Michigan. Talk about trust, you would never do that nowadays. I never had any mechanical issues with either bike but once in a while the exhaust on the Frontera would carbon up and catch fire. I would go down the road with sparks flying everywhere. I replaced the steel fenders on both bikes with Preston Pettys and trashed the new stock fenders... No pictures of the bikes but I still have a Steves Bultaco sweatshirt in the closet.....Thanks for starting this thread.
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