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My new 2012 990 R

I just bought a new 2012 990 R on New Year's Eve, so it already out of date. A year old and never ridden!
My wife and I rode a 2004 950 on many dual sports and local mini adventures. No other continents or sand dunes.
I think the 990 captures the imagination and possibilities. Just by looking at it. It looks exactly like a PD Rally bike.
I think the 950/990 design is stunningly beautiful and that the new design 11xx looks like a cross between a V-Strom and a Multi Strada. (No offense)
Surely it's an excellent bike and probably much better than my just purchased out going model, but for me the 990's looks seal the deal.
Plus it's what I've owned and ridden for the last few years just a newer version. Same basic maintenance, seating position, luggage, tires, heck practically everything.
I'm more than a little concerned about all of the electrical issues I've been reading about here with the smart key, and FI response. I have akro's to put on but concerned about that messing up the mapping so will leave stock for now.
The old 950/990 will go anywhere. Don't believe me? Spend a few minutes watching you tube videos. I've taken ours some pretty extreme places, most by accident, and this bike (950) is almost unstoppable.
The new R model is a towering beast and even at 6' tall I can tip toe only, or lean to one side.
I was sitting on the 990 pretending to ride other day while on the center stand ( since I don't have ice studs in the tires to get out of my "lane" ),and reached down to pet the German Shepherd, and couldn't reach him! Lol.
My wife was practicing mounting (the bike), and has discovered that the proper mounting technique is like getting on and off a horse: left foot on the peg until all the way on, left foot on the peg until all the way off. She is 5' small.
I'll try to keep some updates on the 2012 990R vs the old 2004 950. At this point all I can say is it sure looks pretty.

Btw, I need crash bars, wait.."brush guards", and a low gel seat ( stock on most ) if you know of any used ones...Thanks!
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