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Originally Posted by FatChance View Post
On top is an older Browning B78 High Wall in .22-250. This was the model Browning made from 1973-1982 before they started making the new 1885 High Wall model. The B78 has one pin visible on the side of the receiver, and as I recall the 1885 has two. I used to have another B78 in .25-06 back in the 70s but it was traded off for a Colt Gold Cup back in time. This one has the octagonal barrel and Timney set trigger and is a sweet little rifle. It has a number of prairie dogs to its credit. You will love yours!

You have some nice guns, FatChance! What's the lower one?

Here's my 1885, a 45/70 BPCR acquired from a former client who owed me some $ and turned this over as part of his fee back around 1997. I've fired it a fair bit and it's a good shooter.

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